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Things To Take Of Before Ordering Web Design

Make sure you have these things in place before getting quotes.

Being organized is importatnt when purchasing web design services. The more organized you are the more acurate your quotes will be. Make sure you have everything in place before you start placing calls to web developers.

Below are the common elements you should already have in place.

Domain Name

Acquire your domain name as soon as possible. Once the domain name you want is gone, there is a chance that it’s gone forever. Save you login credentials as your web devoloper will need these to set everything up.

Web Hosting

Set up the web hosting and storage options as soon as possible. Preferably you will set this up at the same time and place you purchase your domain name. Your web hosting plan will need to be big enough to handle your scripts and the technology that you employ. For a Cheap Ass Website the smallest hosting plan is usually more than sufficient.

A Purpose

You'll need to articulate why you having a website built. What is the website's purpose going to be? Do you want to sell something? Are you trying to collect leads? Do you want customers calling you on the phone?

Website Outline

Create an outline of your website. This way you'll know how many pages are required and how many you'll need to come up with content for.

The Text

Someone needs to write the words that will appear on all your pages. This is the single most important factor in how Google will rank your website once it is built. You'll need to provide us with a text file that contains all the words for each and every page. If you need help with this we can provide you with a writer for additional cost.

Digital Materials

You'll need to gather up things like a digital version of your logo, images and videos to give to your designer.

Once you have these items prepared you are ready to speak with a designer to begin work on your website. Call 321-433-0801 to begin your order. You will be given instructions on how to send us all the required information.

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